About Alaina

Alaina is a metalsmith and a champion for the arts. She is passionate about creating a diverse and inclusive environment for all creatives through entrepreneurship, education, and dialogue. She believes in cross disciplinary partnerships and leveraging experiences to help one another across sectors.

Throughout this site you will explore pages highlighting her jewelry collection, installation work, classes, and past student work.

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Featured Collection:

Trixie & Stella is a subtle and elegant collection that debuted in September of 2017. Trixie & Stella are Alaina and her best friend's alter egos from High School. The egos became an inside joke between the two as they grew into adulthood of being a Mother of four (Trixie) and an active, single, professional (Stella).

Now, over 2 years later, the collection has come to fruition in collaboration with local GR women-owned businesses. It's very important to Alaina to work with and support local female businesses. With that in mind, she set out to work with those who had the same vision and ideas as she.

Leigh Ann Cobb Photography created an amazing portfolio of photos with the help of some fabulous #bossbabes in the community, who modeled the jewelry beautifully. She sells work throughout craft shows. You can also find pieces of the collection at Dime & Regal, owned by Courtney Jones and Samantha Mcintosh.

What started out as a 30th birthday present to Trixie, spun into an entire jewelry line inspired by their lifestyles. She hopes her collection can make its way into your everyday wear and give an extra spring to your step.

Coming Soon:
Meet the Photographer

Meet the #BossBabes


Shorouq Almallah

Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Grand Valley State University.


Amanda Carmer-Rainey

Senior Admissions Counselor, Kendall College of Art & Design


Zyra Castillo

Artist, Educator, Grand Rapids, MI

Alexandria Chamelly

Manager, Lyon St. Cafe
Grand Rapids, MI

Courtney Jones

Owner, Dime & Regal
Grand Rapids, MI


Ulandra Reynolds

Store Manager, Famous Footwear

Alana White

Vocalist/Guitarist, okaycool Band